I love eating my words

Okay, I take back a lot of what I complained about in my previous post-Wednesday night comments/thoughts about being complacent and "pampered."  Not all mind you since losing like that is still inexcusable in my opinion (yes Connor I agree with you that  they deserve to own up to that loss), BUT the Beavs did everything they needed to do to win for the first time since 1993 in Eugene!  And I'm more than willing, ecstatic actually, to admit I was wrong to think that.  I'm totally proud and excited about that effort tonight.  I mean they looked fired up AND under control, we never were behind if I'm not mistaken in that game and that is even more impressive in that space to go up and keep outpacing the Ducks.

I know the MVP was Seth Tarver but HUGE props have to go out to Daniel Deane, he was aggressive on both sides of the ball and made the FTs when needed.  Also what up with that coast to coast drive and falling dribble move by Jared Cunningham!  He looks better and better with each game.

Great defensive effort too, for against Seattle U the Beavs looked flat-footed and this time around they were flying everywhere and very much disturbed the flow of the Duck offense and especially seem to effect Porter who never got anything going.  On the offensive side they had the foot to medal at the very start and then things started to go the other way in terms of calls and scoring, BUT gosh darn did they stay with it and stay aggressive.  Roeland looked a bit more himself overall and gave the Beavs the offensive spark there when things were going a bit cold later in the game.

Is it just me or do some of the Duck fans over on ATQ feel entitled that much to have to dog on the team that just beat them?  Give us some credit people.  Example, your offense stunk because our defense was good tonight.  This lack of respect might be a reason many in Beaver Nation always root for your Duck teams to lose.  Yes, Dave of ATQ you are one I'm thinking of here, I gave you some benefit of the doubt on my earlier post about how bad the players were on this OSU team for you made some decent points, but come on own up.

I probably could say a lot more but let's just say I'm very very very happy tonight.  Have to be 100% honest and say that even if somehow the Ducks came back in that game I would have been impressed, but this is oh so much a better overall feeling!  I would have to think this also will prop up the team's confidence and doing it the real way by earning it.

Go Beavs!!!

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