Riley on Redshirts and the Roster for Portland State

Oregon State football head coach Mike Riley had updates today at the Valley Football Center on the status of a number of players, as the Portland State game approaches.

Lyle Moevao remains out, and is out of practice as well, not just for his shoulder, as Riley reports that "Lyle is also sick. Ryan Katz will be the #2 QB, and Peter Lalich #3."

Riley did advise that he has been told "An answer on Lalich's request for an additional year of eligibility is supposedly going to be received before kickoff."

Riley advised there will probably be 24 freshmen redshirt, but that won't include Marcus Wheaton. And no, no answer has yet come from the NCAA clearinghouse, so Wheaton is out for Saturday, having missed a week and a half of practice.

"Tackle Geoff Garner, LB Rueben Robinson, the Unga twins Devin and Kevin, and Jordan Poyer will also not redshirt, and will see action on special teams. With LB Tony Wilson out for the year, we need Robinson and Devin (Unga) for depth."

And of course, Michael Phillipp has already been named the starter at left tackle.

With Ryan McCants out, "Jovan Stevenson will be the backup for Jacauizz Rodgers at running back, and Jordan Jenkins next. Will Darkins will play at fullback, and then Clayton York. At this point, I do think Ryan will be ready for the Cincinatti game."

"At the H-back position, it will be Joe Halahuni, and Colby Prince."

"Tight end [will be] Brady Camp, and than Howard Croom." And in a related matter, John Reese may also redshirt. "He approached me with the idea," Riley said. "It was a good idea, that since he never used his redshirt, he may come back next year as a senior. Of course, that can change at the drop of a hat with an injury."

Wide receiver Darrell Catchings is "Seing the doctor again. Perhaps he will be back by the Las Vegas game." In the slot, "Casey Kjos will start, and Jordan Bishop will play a lot."

Riley also shared some thoughts on Vikings QB Drew Hubel, the PSU offense, and the Smurf turf in Boise.

"We encouraged Drew to come to Oregon State after he was here for a camp, and when he got the PSU offer, we encouraged him to take it. It seemed like a better deal for him."

As far as what to expect from Portland St., and the run-and-shoot, Riley said "We have to prepare for the kitchen sink. And since Mouse (recently retired PSU offensive coordinator Mouse Davis) left, they have tweaked things even more. What they've added should be very interesting."

Tim Clark, the only senior starting in the retooled secondary also expected the Portland State tame to be "A good test. The secondary is the most inexperienced unit; we expect to get attacked a lot, right away. Hopefully, we will do what we are supposed to do, and that'll stop that."


With the University of Oregon making their first visit to Boise St. Thursday in the season opener, everyone is asking coaches who have been there what it is like to play in Boise, and on the blue "Smurf Turf." Fresno St. coach Pat Hill noted yesterday on Oregonian columnist John Canzano's radio show that since Boise painted the sidelines blue as well, and went to all blue uniforms, it is possible visually to lose track of Boise players.

Mike Riley has thoughts on the matter as well, and strong ones. "I hate it! I think it should be banned! I have terrible memories of (Jared) Zabranski running for touchdowns!" To which Mike Parker added "Riley could add Ian Johnson to that too."


Riley also put to rest, at least for now, thoughts of the Beavers running the wildcat offense, using 'Quizz. "It hasn't worked well at all in practice. It might need to stay in the the lab, maybe for a couple of years!" (Could Riley be creating a distraction for future opponents?)

Riley did note "It is an intriguing idea, just as the spread is. But you have to commit to it, and recruit to it, especially the spread." Riley felt "Whatever you run, it needs to play to the strengths of your players. And that can change, as players come back in the fall, stronger at some things they do."

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