Fall Camp Questions - Quarterback

Lyle Moevao has been cleared to throw for several weeks, but he remains on a "pitch count" and hasn't regained all of his strength in his throwing arm. He is expected to be game ready by OSU's second or third game. (Photo by Ethan Erickson)

It's the topic I've been trying to avoid for the longest time possible in our Fall Camp Questions series, because it seems that there has been enough discussion on the topic already: The quarterbacks. 

I'm not looking to beat a dead horse, but after awhile, the discussion just boils down to the fact that Canfield is healthy and Moevao is recovering from an injury. That's the reason why Canfield will start Sept. 5 against Portland State. It's also one of the main reasons Lyle had the upper hand on Sean last season. We can ponder whether or not Moevao, if healthy, would still be the starter, but the truth is that he's not going full speed yet. 

We'll discuss this subject more in our Building the Dam Q&A, which will appear in this space as soon as I turn in my answers to VD, but I think the most important question is this: How will the coaches use Moevao when he can go full boar, say, in Week 3? Because we all know that Moevao can make plays, and brings a different style to the quarterback position as compared to his counterpart. Although Riley and Langsdorf likely don't want to get into any type of quarterback rotation, do you think they want to let Moevao watch the entire season from the sidelines? My guess is that they'll have to look for ways to be creative with the two seniors (put Moevao on the D-Line?), because I don't see them going to a pre-set rotation anytime soon. But alas, it is possible. 

Moevao has expressed his frustration with having limited exposure so far in fall camp. He's about six months removed from his surgery. 

"Yeah it is (frustrating} sometimes, not being able to take reps and stuff like that," Moevao said. "Especially since it's my last season and last fall camp."

"As much as I want to go out and compete and throw and make the plays that I was used to making before, I understand that I had a surgery and it was a major surgery. I've just got to sit back and relax."

"We've still got a whole season ahead of us.''

This is what Riley told Kerry Eggers of the Tribune earlier this week regarding Moevao

"I know he's ready. He told me that yesterday," the ninth-year year OSU head man says. "Lyle needs to put a few days back to back when he shows he's really ready to step into practice. I'm talking about hard throws.

"I don't know when that will be, but he has shown very good progress with no back slides. In the next short while - probably before the end of the month - he'll be ready."

It is expected that Moevao could be ready by the time the Beavers play UNLV on September 12, but if not, it will probably be the Cincinatti Game on September 19. 

For now, Canfield's the man, with Ryan Katz and Peter Lalich in a holding pattern. 

--Jake (jake.buildingthedam@gmail.com)

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