UTEP Fans Hate for Schaftenaar Spreads Online


"Hi, my name is Roeland and I just wanna be friends... but first I want to flood the streets of El Paso with Miner blood!"



Anyway, just thought I'd pass along some of the gems I read about Schaftenaar on UTEP fan boards. There's not much for internet activity related to the Miners, except when you do a Google search for "Rejected from PAC 10 school + second tier options + loud mouth basketball coach that's on his way to Memphis + horrible remote locations"...

Sorry, that was harsh. El Paso is gorgeous, right?


Mmm... drink it in people. Did you know that "El Paso" means "The Paso" in English? Actually, I think it's Spanish for "No thanks, YOU guys can have it"... thanks a lot, Mexico.




I will give credit where credit is due--not a lot of outlandish smack talk (like the stuff I've posted here today) and everyone seems to respect Coach Robinson as a class act and first class coach. Now to the meat of the post... First I'll start off with some quotes from this site which is apparently run by people who are "professional" journalists. It appears this particular blogger/journalist was attending his or her first basketball game:

In the first half, I thought Oregon State's center Roeland Schaftenaar was the dirtiest player I had ever watched play. The crowd certainly did, as well, and started to boo him mercilessly everytime he touched the ball.

But what was more frustrating was watching him throw elbows the entire crowd could see, hearing a whistle blow, only to find the ref had called a foul on the UTEP player for having the temerity to have his face hit one of Schaftenaar's elbows.

I guarantee you that within moments of the El Paso Times' Victor Calzada snapping the above photo, UTEP's Wayne Portalatin was called for a foul.

But I give Oregon State's coach Craig Robinson a lot of credit. With a couple of minutes left in the first half, Schaftenaar threw a couple of flagrant, dangerous elbows after a rebound, prompting the refs to call a foul on UTEP (of course). But Robinson, like the crowd, saw what really had gone down and pulled Schaftenaar from the game for the rest of the half.

Schaftenaar, to his credit, came back in the second half and played some clean, good basketball, despite all the boos.

And now, the fans from their seldom used Rivals chat board blog thing (they seem to be a lot classier than the VT honks but why they hate on Schaftenaar so much confuses me):

Way to show up UTEP fans! It was hilarious to hear all of the boos whenever Schaftenaar got the ball. I bet he hears boos in his sleep. Get your throats healed up for Friday night's game. Tea, lemon, and honey for the next 44 hours.

...that is EXACTLY what my grandfather and I were joking about. That #10 was so dramatic and unlikeable! My grandpa says, damn, son, doesnt this guy remind you of every player from BYU we cheered against in the 80's?
-got my tickets. gonna make #10 hear us again!

BYU would have loved to have #10 back in the day. It was easy not to like his European, soccer style acting & flinging of his body. Looking forward to making his night uncomfortable again in Friday.



(You owe us El Paso--we've provided you the best and worst games in Sun Bowl history!)








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