Cal. Sweep. Awesome. (By the way, did you know that Coach Robinson's brother-in-law is President Obama?!)

So I went to the game on Saturday. I got all the way to Salem when I realized that in my slightly hungover state I had completely forgotten my camera so my apologies to RVM. I know I said I snap some photos and some video and, well, I guess I lied.

Here are some random observations I'm going to scribble down as I answer emails

-Gill was noisy. The atmosphere was better than the CW by far and probably the loudest I've heard Gill in a while. There were only a few Cal fans in attendance and those who were there pretty much sat on their hands and didn't cheer. I don't know if they're afraid of offending the host crowd or what but overall a very, very quiet group.

-Saw a group of about ten or so duck fans present. They REALLY skipped their game to watch ours? What?

-Schaftenaar's haircut shaved about 5 years off of his appearance. This is only a good thing if you think giant 10 year olds are cool.

-Jay John. Poor, poor Jay John. It appears he can't win ANY game involving Oregon State basketball. It should also be noted that he was heckled as the crowd was silent during some OSU freethrows at the end of the first half. I couldn't make out what was said but it was pretty loud and coming from the section right behind him. The heckler definitely didn't have crowd support as everyone kind've collectively groaned...

-Unfortunately the Jay John smack talk didn't end there. A very small pocket of the student section attempted to start a "JAY JOHN SUCKS! JAY JOHN SUCKS!" chant up. More Gill-wide groaning. Other students quickly cooled this off and it only last a few rounds but still, Jay heard. And hey, he probably knew that after last season.




"Jay, your heart sucks and you went 0-18 last year in PAC 10 play. Boom, roasted."

-The exterior of Gill, much like people have mentioned here before, is looking better albeit very plain and concrete-ish. I'm excited for paint.

-Coach Robinson managed to get Bjornstad and McConnell into the game late which I thought was very classy. Both seniors have served mainly as practice players and it had to be nice to play the final minute or so in a game like that.

-I'm really, really impressed with Cal's record after seeing them in person because they don't look like a team that would have that kind of record. I saw a team shoot poorly, play defense poorly and get out-coached to boot. At this point in the season, if you are a top-tier team in the conference holding a sizable lead at the half against OSU you should be able to hold it because we're going to do two things: run the clock down to nothing on O and play our 1-3-1 or a slight variation (or so it seems sometimes) JUST LIKE WE DO IN THE FIRST! Still, Cal, it feels really good to sweep you. And Stanford. It was good for us, we hope it was good for you too.

-Daniel "The Danimal" Deane came alive for a few clutch threes. The kid also needs to steal some knee pads from the volleyball team 'cause he's all over the floor for loose balls. If he can just find SOME consistency on offense he can be a great contributor off the bench.

-Calvin Hampton looked good. As we all know he's been hampered by the system change and a bum wheel (hip) but he made several athletic plays including one baseline move to the hoop late in the game that got a huge roar out of the crowd.

-I wanted a better game for Claitt. He had a late meaningful score though which was nice. Still, the guy played sparingly and was pretty quiet on both ends when he was in.

-Question: Why can't we see more of Lathen Wallace? I love it when this kid's on the floor.


That's all folks. GO BEAVS. Keep those brooms out for the Eugene trip. Let's finish strong!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of SB Nation or the Building the Dam staff. FanPost opinions are valued expressions of opinion by passionate and knowledgeable Oregon State fans.

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