Beavers vs. Volunteers Game One



Okay, guess I’ve been officially upgraded this weekend because Jake is out of Internet range for the weekend (dude, even the island in Lost had Internet I think!).

Anyway, here’s a quick low down on the baseball game today. 

Beavers lost 5 to 4 and were up 4 to 3 in the ninth, nuff said…okay just kidding more after the break!

Here are my impressions of the game, albeit missing the last three innings due to a meeting (yep, 3:30 to 5:00 meeting on Friday was not the kindest of situations with baseball going and the spring weather to go along with it outside). Overall I thought it was a pretty solid game for what one expects from a first game against a good team.   Heck yes I wanted the win and not the best feeling going 0 and 1 for the season, but it is just that the 1st game with all the game rust involved.  Okay, I really wanted the moving on.

I saw a good amount of the first six innings and, as cloudydays also found, I was happy to find a decent livecam link from the Tennessee site (find it here).  So be sure to check it out all weekend if they keep it up for free access.

In general I was impressed in the hitting, but in an unnerving flashback to last year we had 10 LOB, but I guess so did Tennessee so for this time around going to chalk that up to it being the opening day of the season.  Really the Beavs, as a team, very much outplayed the Volunteers on offense.  If I remember correctly the Beavs were at one point out hitting Tennessee something like 10 to 4, and UT's only runs, until the ninth, came on a HR and a two RBI double in the third.

I was impressed with Santos offensive play (2 for 4 and 2 runs and 1 RBI), and Gibbs, Norris, and Ortiz all contributed RBIs.  I guess if I was disappointed with anyone it was Ortiz for he had some choice opportunities to get some RBIs (4 LOB), but I think disappointing is a bit too strong for he still went 1 for 3 with a run and one RBI.  Of the "veterans" Wong and Tommasini both had two hits and both looked good on defense (don’t know about the error Wong had though, I missed that).

Pitching seemed to be fine.  I would be interested to hear people’s impressions of the last three innings and how the defense looked at the end of the game.  For it looked pretty good in what I saw, but I didn’t see any of Sitton, Grbavac, or Rhoderick.  Robles looked pretty solid except for that third inning and towards the end of his pitching it seemed like he was getting tired and leaving the ball a bit up in the zone because he got taken deep on some of those fly balls, but heck five innings is not too bad for a first game.

So enough of my impressions, here are the stats for the game (accessed from the OSU athletics page here):

Player                            AB   R   H  RBI  BB  SO  PO  A   LOB
Wong, Joey ss............   5   0    2     0     0     1      1    3    1
Santos, Adalberto cf.... 4   2    2     1     1     0      0    0    0
Ortiz, Ryan c............       3   1    1     1     1     1      4    0    4
Lotti, Logan rf..........       5   0    1     0     0     2      3    0    1
Gibbs, Blake dh..........  4    0    1    1      0    1      0     0   0
Norris, Jared dh.........   1   0    1     1      0    0      0    0   0
Folsom, Rob lf...........    3   0    1     0      0    1      2    0   1
Wallace, Brent ph/lf..... 1    0    0     0      0    1      1    0   0
Romero, Stefen 1b...... 3   1    1      0     0     1   11    1   1
Bell, Carter 3b..........     4    0   0      0     0     0     1     2   0
Tommasini, John 2b..  4   0   2      0     0     0      3    4   2
Robles, Tanner p......... 0   0   0      0     0     0      0    2   0
Nygren, James p.......... 0   0   0      0     0     0     0     1   0
Sitton, Kraig p...........      0   0  0      0     0     0      0     0   0
Grbavac, Mark p..........   0   0  0      0     0     0      0     0   0
Rhoderick, Kevin p....... 0   0   0      0     0     0      0    0   0
Totals...................         37   4  12     4     2     8    26  13 10

Oregon State             IP    H   R   ER   BB  SO  AB  BF
Robles, Tanner....... 5.0   3    3     3     4     2    17   22
Nygren, James....... 1.2   1     0     0    1     0      6     8
Sitton, Kraig............  0.1   0    0     0     0     0      1    1
Grbavac, Mark.......   1.0   1    0     0     0     1      3    4
Rhoderick, Kevin.... 0.2   3    2     2     1     0      4    6

Oregon State Notes: The Beavers dropped their opening day game for the second consecutive year for the first time since 2002-03 ... The Beavers are 9-6 in season openers under head coach Pat Casey ... Oregon State is now 6-3 against the Southeastern Conference over the past four years.

-Baseball Drops 5-4 Decision To Tennessee On Opening Day

And of interest for the opposing team this is the Volunteer’s 100th baseball season, so I guess we can give away that gimme for a first game present, congrats (I’m actually serious about the congrats part for 100 years is pretty cool)!

Tomorrow’s tip-off, oh yes that’s that other game, sorry, tomorrow’s first pitch is scheduled at 11AM and will be available online with the GameTracker (access here) and on BSN and Yahoo radio, and I’m hoping the livecam will be available again.

So, 11AM folks, get some baseball in on the computer and/or radio then at 2:00 pick up the basketball game on FSN NW!  Good weekend to be a Beavers fan!


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