113th War of the Roses

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Thursday, December 03, 2009

16Oregon State @  7Oregon

            OREGON STATE - Offense

§         Backfield

o        Quarterback: Sean Canfield, leads the Pac-10 in about every passing category know to man: yards, touchdowns, completion percentage and rating. This dude has really emerged now that he’s finally been able to stay on the field and build his resume. An amazingly sharp QB, completing over 70% of his passes. Look for Sean to be a model of focus, poise and precision no matter how loud and obnoxious the hippies are in Autzen Stadium. Folks, I can’t wait to watch him work!

o        Running Back: Jacquizz Rodgers, took home about every piece of hardware known to man last year as a true freshman. This year has been more of the same with some added clubs to the bag. He is 2nd in the conference in pass receptions with 67, trailing only his brother James. The thing about “small” Quizz is that his game is between the tackles, getting the hard-nosed yards. It’s really remarkable what this kid can do at 5’7” 193 lbs. Look for more of the same with da Quizz. A-gap, B-gap, C-gap, wildbeav, counter’tre...hell, he can even throw the ball when wanted. Quizz will roll up 120+ tonight and at least 1 TD...I can see Riley using Quizz as a decoy inside the 5 setting up others like Holy-Halihuni!

o        Look for others to contribute as well. There’s a little known kid named, Ryan McCants, who stands 6’1” and weighs in at the station at 240#! Was under the weather last week but I fully expect that dump truck to make an impact tonight.

§         Receiving Corps

o        Wide Receivers: You wanna talk about a full cupboard?! The Beavs go about 6 quality-deep at the WR position: Rodgers, Adeniji, Bishop, Wheaton, Kjos and Walker. All these guys are able to step in and make big plays in the passing game. Obviously James Rodgers leads this group. His skill set is through the roof, as advertised. Have you been paying attention though? The emergence of Adeniji this year has been an incredible surprise. He’s a big target with great hands – out of the Shane Morales mold. Young Kenny Wheaton has given us glimpses of his incredible talent that Beaver fans will be enjoying for years to come. Tonight, it’s obvious to say James will make a big impact in about every facet of the game: running, receiving and special teams. No surprise there. What I do want you all to watch is Adeniji and Wheaton when he comes in. Big things tonight through the air – about 300+ worth.

o        Tight End: Folks!!! Holy Halihuni has stormed onto the scene to give us an electric weapon at the TE position that we haven’t seen since big Joe Newton. Halihuni looks at home with the pill in his mitts and he can run for days. I'm guaranteeing a Holy-Halihuni-Touchdown tonight to silence the hippies.

§         Offensive Line

o        This was the big question coming into camp this year and we took some bumps and bruises along the way but in typical Mike Cavanaugh fashion, he has turned this unit into the Great Wall of Canfield. What a growing/maturation process for this Beaver front five. I fully expect a tremendous performance against the Duck’s front four tonight, blowing open holes for the Quizz and keeping the Mallards off Canfields ass.

            OREGON STATE – Defense

§         Front Seven: this year saw a lot of new faces on the beaver front seven. Brennan Olander has really emerged to be secondary force in the middle with All-Samoan-Force, Stephen Paea. Olander got dinged up but should be able to go tonight, as I understand. As for the backers, what a great group led by Keaton Kristick at the OLB. This dude is your classic lunch-pail-backer with a great head on his shoulders – a tackling machine. Masoli and LJ will get real familiar with his resume tonight but at the same time, this group will be put to the true test. Oregon’s rushing offense is facking tenacious! While Banker is no stranger to this offense, winning two straight until last years debacle, defending this offense can get away from you if you let it. Poise, assignment and quality tackles is the recipe Banker will be calling for. It will be a great test for this group who led the conference in defending the run.

§         Secondary: this group has taken a lot of verbal abuse about being the Achilles heel of the team but they have played very solid football. It is a relative young group that will almost return in tact next season, to which I have high hopes for. As for tonight, we’re not facing Cincinnati here, this game will be about containing the running game so I expect our secondary to be opportunistic. I'm calling for 2 turnovers from Masolli tonight...thru the air or putting it on the turf, no matter to me.

            OREGON – Offense:

§         It’s not a secret what the Ducks want to do on offense. The problem is that they do it so well. Many of us called for a Duck P10 run this year, and we got it, but the question marks were on the defense and the offensive line. Well, the offensive line, after a horrendous opening game at Boise, has come around and has gotten better each week to now being a very tough, cohesive unit. It’s going to be a big challenge for the Beavs to slow this offensive attack down as we haven’t seen an offense like it all season – yet we do see it every season. Masoli is a tremendous runner and a very capable passer. You almost need to spy him on every play there isn’t a blitz package on. LaMichael James makes Quizz look like Ironhead Heyward....ok, maybe not quite that bad, but the dude is tiny. However, he works great in space and never gives up on a run – he’s extremely dangerous. The Beavs front 7 will have to remain poised, at home, and control gaps (Banker style). Oregon will score their points tonight. If we can hold them to 30 or less, I think that will be enough to win this game.

            OREGON – Defense:

§         This group has been a huge surprise and a pleasant one for poultry fans. They did show their bare cheeks the past few weeks allowing some big chunks of yards to power running teams like Arizona and Stanford.....guess what we like to do, Duck fans? I like this matchup for us. Regardless of what could be record setting noise tonight, I full expect the well-greased, high-octane motor of the Beaver offense to put up 35+ points tonight in from of the hippie crowd.


§         Despite the crowd noise, the Beavers will NOT lose tonight’s turnover battle. I can smell Masoli giving it to us a couple times tonight. We’re not a great takeaway team this year but we are tremendous at taking care of the pigskin.

§         I think Banker will have the boys poised to hold Oregon to 149 or less on the ground. This may seem like a lot, but if this can be done, it makes that Duck offense far less scary. Paea and Olander will clog the middle, controlling traffic. Guess what? Masoli’s only 300+ yard game in the air was a LOSS for the Ducks. I will say no more.

§         Quizz and Quan will combine for 300 all purpose yards...yes, I said THREE hundred. Mark it down. This is a BIG game designed for BIG TIME players. LETS GO!!

§         Canfield has been a surgeon. He’s not going to beat anybody with his legs but he doesn’t need to. He has been absolutely RAZOR sharp this year and no matter the environment, he plays well....REAL well. Hello 300+ with 3 scores.

§         Remember the name: Halihuni

§         This game will come down to the final possession







p.s. All this pub is unbelievably awesome for both schools! When I'm watching a Duke-Wisconsin hoops game and Brent Musburger and Bob Knight are talking about the upcoming Civil War game, I can’t help but get a bit misty thinking about where we started so many years ago and where we are now. This game will be one for the ages. Beaver Nation, LETS GO!!!


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