Recruiting Update: 4 stars.

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Hey Guys. This will be the first recruiting update of the year, but definitely not the last. So far, we have 10 verbals, and they are all over the field. The position breakdown is like this, 1- QB, RB, TE, OL, DB, K; 2- DL, LB

The guys we have committed so far show a lot of promise, especially in areas needed. We have a 4-star Defensive Tackle commit, as well as a 4-star QB. Learn more about each commit after the jump.


First, the 4 star guys.

Sean Mannion

Quarterback 6'5", 205. Foothill HS, Pleasanton, CA

A guy with good size, he was recently bumped from a 3-star to a 4-star after being named to the Rivals Top 250 players list. He is a pro-style QB, with what sounds like good arm strength and accuracy. We are pretty deep at the position right now (Cody Vaz, Ryan Katz, and Peter Lalich), so its doubtful that he will come in and make an impact anytime soon, but there is no reason to think that Mannion won't make some fuss down the road. There is no football video that I could find, but apparently him and his buddies enjoy making videos mocking whatever. Here is a video of Mannion making fun of his dad, who is also their head coach.

VD's Take: I know we are deep, but I never think you can have too many Quarterbacks. Some pan out in the end (Moore, Canfield), sometimes they don't live up to your expectations (Ryan Gunderson, anyone?).  I am super excited about his verbal, because I do think he'll be a gamer somewhere down the road. Let's hope that this recent bump in his ratings doesn't sound off alarms to other coaches, and he decides he can make an impact elsewhere quicker (i.e. Arizona State)


Happy Iona

Defensive Tackle 6'3", 285. Bethel High School, Spanaway, WA

Happy doesn't look happy at all, and that's the way we like our defense. He is quick off the ball, and is able to penetrate the offensive line with ease. Good tackler, and decent speed for a defensive tackle, this guy looks like he can make an impact right away. Here is a video of (un)Happy

VD's Take: We are definitely going to need a solid defensive tackle to step up, especially if Paea enters the draft this year (I don't know if there has been any indication to either him staying or leaving, so I guess that's a plus). Happy looks like our stereotypical defensive lineman: quick and mean. I've heard rumors of him being a possible academic issue, so let's hope he doesn't become the next Simi Kuli.

We've got five 3-star guys to look at this next week, so keep your eyes open.

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