Second Consecutive Day of Linkage.

Two days in a row... I haven't done the same thing in back to back days since, well, since I showed up for work this morning I guess.... sigh...

In case anyone needed a classy way to cook sausage links this weekend, here's an idea:




  • Jon Wilner of the SJ Mercury gives his picks for this week's PAC 10 action. He picks the Beavs as outright winners.
  • Ted Miller picks the Beavers as well. Looks like it's safe to bet the spread this weekend. I'm actually surprised it's only set at -8.5.
  • Miller also notes that the Beavs can't afford a USC hangover. Question: Can anyone ever really afford a hangover of any kind? Last time I was hungover it lasted a full 24 hours and killed my weekend.
  • Pssst! Jordan Poyer is a freaking stud and Astoria knows all about it. Here's a piece off O-Live chronicling his bad ass ways. In case you missed out on his nice return down in LA, here it is on YouTube. Feel free to search his name on there and watch a few videos of him shredding high school opponents from either side of the ball AND tearing it up on the diamond. Love the dual-sport local kids--we need more like him.
  • Bruins are limping into Corvallis. More reasons why OSU should take care of this game and put it away early. No reason not to get Katz some reps in the second half.
  • Taylor Mays' beheading of James Rodgers made it all the way to congress. No, seriously. I hate to see Mays singled out, but I'll be damned if the kid doesn't find his way onto the opposition's helmets and collar areas. I don't want to call him dirty but I can certainly say the kid is reckless and dangerous. To put it into terms we can all understand, he plays the way Al Afalava played AND drove, all rolled into one.
  • Here are some Beaver football notes and updates from the self proclaimed All PAC 10 Blog. I'm sure they're nice guys but I'm not sold on their takes yet. Worth a graze if you're bored.
  • And as we all know by now, after yet another unfortunate turn of events Moevao probably never gets to strap it up for the Beavers again. I think we'll all remember him for his top notch game management in big games like USC and Cal, and of course there's a certain play against UW that will always stick out in my mind. Good luck with the next chapter in your life, Lyle. Hope it involves Beaver football in some way!

Lyle Moevao Lays Out Defender (via thomasg86)



Please post anything I missed and have a good one. GO BEAVERS!

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