Beavers in the Pros, Baseball: Part 2 of 3

First off, Happy 4th of July to everyone. I'm out of town this weekend, but here's a quick rundown of the Class of 2007. First we'll look at the pitchers then check out the position players after the break.

Eddie Kunz/ Binghamton Mets/ Class AA (Mets)

Big Eddie is 1-4 with an 2.68 ERA, but the record isn't what's impressive. He has 22 saves in 34 games with 33 strikeouts, which in my opinion, are great numbers. I'm glad to see him moving up the chart with the Mets, and who knows, maybe they'll be a opening above him soon with the way things are going at Shea.

Joe Patterson/ San Jose Giants/ Class A Advanced (Giants)

JoePa started out the year with the Class A Augusta Green Jackets, but has since moved up to the Class A Advanced San Jose Giants. He's 6-1 on the year with a 2.36 ERA. He played 20 games at Class A and has played 14 so far at Class A Advanced, and he's holding up pretty well. His ERA was better (2.30) in Augusta than it is in San Jose (2.51), but that's not much of a difference. He has 45.2 innings pitched on the year, and opponents are hitting .196 against him.

Daniel Turpen/ Augusta Green Jackets/ Class A (Giants)

Daniel is playing where JoePa was; the Class A Augusta Green Jackets. He's 4-3 in 29 games and has a 4.02 ERA. He has 5 saves and 47 innings pitched. Also: 39 strikeouts, and opponents are hitting .272 against him.

Canham, Darwin, and Lissman after the jump.

Mitch Canham/ Lake Elisnore Storm/ Class A Advanced (Padres)

Canham is hitting .297 thru 69 games with the Storm. He's 73 for 246 with 42 runs scored, 5 homers, 50 RBI's, and 45 strikeouts.

Darwin Barney/ Daytona Cubs/ Class A Advanced (Cubs)

Darwin is hitting .243 thru 54 games. He's 69-259 at the plate with 27 runs scored, 13 doubles, two homers, and 40 strikeouts. 

Mike Lissman/ Kane County Cougars/ Class A (Athletics)

Mike is hitting .205 in 54 games. He's 35 for 172 at the plate with 34 strikeouts. 


Sorry for the repetition, but hopefully that gives you an idea of where these guys are at.

Look for Part 3 of the series Monday or Tuesday... sometime after the holiday.



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