Gameday is Only Cool for Teams Who Aren't Good at Actually Winning

Hearing a lot of whispers out there by people excited by the thought of ESPN's College Football Gameday show coming to Corvallis or having the game moved from the Versus Network to ABC/ESPN. 

Well, it ain't happening this week.  And it really doesn't matter.

Television shows being broadcast from your stadium's parking lot can only be considered an accomplishment for teams that finish 5th in their conference, like uowned last year.

I'm glad that ducks fans had the chance to brag about being able to stand around in a parking lot and see the back of Kirk Herbstreit's head at 7am on a Saturday morning, but isn't the whole point of that show to seek salvation by staring into Kirk's dreamy eyes?

It was also nice for them to have the chance to be the only Gameday host site that has gotten into a fight with the person waving the WSU Cougar flag and they even broke the pole that the WSU Alumni send around the country. Such gracious, classy hosts--I'm glad they represent our state so well by getting into drunken, meth-inspired fights before 8am!

Even without the bonus of having their students gang up on and fight a WSU alumni, it was huge for their little small-timey program that still isn't out of the woods from their streak of going unranked for 37 consecutive years.  They really need to cling to these minor condolences, and why not let them have that one?  I mean, life-size versions of the people inside of the teevee were in their parking lot...broadcasting a teevee show! Like, OMG!! ...OMG!!

The Beavers don't need to host Gameday to be on Gameday--they've been featured on there the last 2 weeks and many several times in the past. Also, if you're out on the East Coast or whatever, it would be better to have the game on Versus--a national network, rather than being stranded in the wrong ABC region--wouldn't it?


Viewing the back of these heads while standing in a parking lot at 7am can only be considered an accomplishment when your town is known for high concentrations of: people who don't bathe, methamphetamine labs, vegetarian restaurants, and homeless youth found in Eugene, OR. 

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