Stroughter Releases Statement

In a statement released by Mike Riley and Sammie Stroughter this morning, Sammie declares that some personal issues regarding the deaths of two close family members as well as OSU coach Jim Gillstrap has caused him to miss practices.

Sammie never says he's gone for good, and Mike Riley seems to be keeping the door open. But still, this isn't a good situation. Hopefully he can work on his classes at OSU this year, and return as a fifth year senior in 2008.

Best wishes to Sammie and his family. We all know how hard it is, and I can understand how Sammie has no desire to play or practice.

"On behalf of the family, I would like to take this time to release a brief statement regarding recent practices missed prior to the official start of the season. During the past year my family and I have experienced a considerable amount of grief and mourning due to the passing of two family members who were important male role models in my life. In addition to these losses, Coach Jim Gilstrap, who recruited me to OSU, passed away this summer.

"These losses have taken my entire family by storm and the grief from these incidents has affected each one of us differently. It has been the decision of my immediate family and I that I take whatever time needed to get over what I am personally experiencing due to the sudden changes in my life. Academics and football are very important to me and I appreciate all of the support I've received from the entire OSU coaching staff, teammates, faculty and the loyal supporters of Oregon State football.

The family of OSU wide receiver Sammie Stroughter released a statement Tuesday morning. In that statement, Stroughter provides some details to what has kept him out of practice since Aug. 8.

"Also, I would like to extend my prayers and support to the Gilstrap family. My football career would not have been possible without Coach Gilstrap's help and guidance.

"As you may know, my walk with Christ is strong; I know that he will get my family and I through this difficult season. 'I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me' ( Phil 4:16.)"


Sammie Stroughter & Family.

Riley's response:

"The Oregon State University football program supports Sammie's decision completely. Sammie will always have an open door with this football program. He is a terrific young man and our thoughts and prayers are with him and his family.

"Because we respect his need for privacy, we will be making no more comments on his situation until further notice."

Credit to Buker on the releases.


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